Working with Our Veterans

I was privileged to attend the ribbon cutting for the new CRRC building in Washington D.C. This new program and building are to help our veterans find needed services here in the nation’s capitol. I was very encouraged to here the leadership for the Veterans Administration stress the need for services for homeless Vets. Too often services for the homeless are secondary and tertiary to medical and psychiatric needs. All needs must be addressed and this once homelessness is a priority.

Americans become homeless for a variety of reasons from disasters to finance to mental health. Often we feel if we just provide a shelter we have met the needs of the homeless.The leadership of the Veterans Administration have clearly grasped that shelters are a beginning not an end.

Woodley House has been addressing the needs of the homeless for decades, both veterans and civilians alike.We know the consumers we serve need skill building as well as homes. We are looking forward to working with the Veterans Administration to bring our knowledge and skills to the table to help improve the lives of our veterans. Washington D.C. must exemplify the best care and lead in this project.

Together we will make a difference.

Gary W. Frye
Executive Director