May is Mental Health Awareness Month!

Along with bringing us Mother’s Day, the Kentucky Derby and Memorial Day, May is also Mental Health Awareness Month. Woodley House has been a leader in mental health recovery in Washington, DC for over 50 years with our range of community-based mental health housing and Life Skills Training support services.  According to NAMI, one in four adults in America experiences a mental health disorder in any given year, but we rarely discuss it.  Mental Health Services is an important subject that we should embrace, not shy away from! We know that mental illness is NOT a one-size-fits-all disease, so Woodley House works with each of our residents to achieve their own personal goals. We are committed to empowering our residents .. on an individual basis .. to achieve the most productive, independent living possible for themselves.  

Mental illness is a complicated disease and while great strides have been made in its treatment, recovery is still difficult to define. Someone who is blind rarely ‘recovers’ his or her sight, but can learn coping mechanisms and techniques to live a full, healthy and independent life in the community.  So with mental health disorders … people can learn to understand their illness and integrate their own coping mechanisms to live productive, independent lives with family and friends. So in this month of Mental Health Awareness, we can explore new research on the intricacies of the brain,  the incredible new efforts on brain-mapping and the fact that organizations like Woodley House remain a trusted community resource dedicated to helping people, one life at a time.