Respite Care

Woodley House has begun a new service at the Valenti House location. Since its inception Valenti House has provided residential services to consumers suffering from long term and persistent mental illness. These services have been for lengths of time determined by the consumers need and progress toward independance. For the last 10 months the agency has offerred an additional service: Respite Care.

Respite Care is for brief stays for consumers who have stable housing but for various reasons need a short stay in a safe comfortable facility. Consumers staying with family may have emergency situations which take their care givers away from the city for short periods of time. Respite Care allows the consumer the choice of staying in Valenti House rather than traveling with their care giver. Consumers using respite care are afforded all the priveledges of longer term residents but for short finite periods. We encourage potential residents to visit in advance and acquaint staff with medical and psychiatric needs.

We are excited to offer this new service and see it as a further step toward consumers enjoying the benefits of living in the community.


Gary W. Frye

Executive Director