Woodley House survives ‘snow days’!


martinsnow According to those emerging daffodil tips in our gardens, spring will be here soon (we hope) but before we totally leave the ice, snow and sleet behind, we want to share with you how mental health residential programs like Woodley House manage on those’ snow emergency days’ when everyone is urged to stay home.   Washington has had more than our share this year, forcing many to juggle plans, reschedule meetings and work from home because it was just too dangerous to travel around the city. But for the staff at Crossing Place, Valenti House and Holly House – our crisis, transitional and longer-term group homes – staying home wasn’t an option.  Our residents, men and women working to recover from mental illness, needed to be safe, fed and properly cared for, so while most of us remained in our warm, comfortable homes, Woodley House staff either prepared to spend the night or risk the icy roads to get to work.  Everyone, both staff and residents, pitched in to make it through the many snow emergencies  … shoveling snow and de-icing steps … and we are so proud and gratified by their wonderfully positive spirit. As executive director Gary Frye remarked: “Together we form a society that elevates to care for our least fortunate.  This was certainly an ‘elevating’ winter, but we must say, we are all looking forward to spring!