Our 20th Anniversary of our Movie Benefit was a great success and we want to thank EVERYONE who helped make it such a wonderful evening.  To commemorate this milestone event, we were proud to honor Mary Margaret Valenti (who created this signature event) and the Valenti Family for their ongoing support and devotion to Woodley House and the men and women we serve. Tipper Gore, who hosted the VIP Reception at the Vice President’s Residence for the very first Movie Benefit, delivered a warm and personal tribute to Mary Margaret and her family at the Uptown Theater. Courtenay and Mary Margaret were both eloquent in thanking Tipper and everyone for their friendship and support of Woodley House. Bob Schieffer was the perfect Master of Ceremonies, recounting his long friendship with Mary Margaret and Jack and the many times he had attended this Movie Benefit with his lovely wife, Pat.  A short Commemorative Film of Mary Margaret and her family and the many movie benefits of the past 20 years was shown before the main attraction.

A very special VIP Reception was held at The British Embassy hosted by His Excellency Ambassador Darroch and Lady Darroch.  It was the absolute perfect setting … the embassy in all its festive holiday décor, with guests being greeted by glasses of champagne to start the evening. The Ambassador gave some charming remarks to welcome everyone to his home and Board president, Jeanine Boyle thanked the Ambassador and Lady Darroch for their kind and generous reception.

A special, pre-national release screening of Warner Bros.’ COLLATERAL BEAUTY,  starring Will Smith, Helen Mirren, Keira Knightley, Edward Norton and Kate Winslet was shown right after the brief program at the Uptown Theater. It depicted the how grief can affect and isolate a person so much that they are unable to appreciate the ‘collateral beauty’ all around, but that friendship and love can see you through to the other side of grief. A moving and satisfying film.

We are greatly appreciative to Warner Bros. and The Coca-Cola Company and to all those whose support means so much to our organization and the people we serve, most especially the Wasserman Foundation, TEVA Pharmaceuticals and all of our Movie Benefit donors.   All funds raised go to our programs to provide a safe, comforting residential community in which people struggling with mental illness can heal, along with the support services needed for a lasting recovery.

For a few photos of a delightful and successful event, please see Recent Photos .