Make a Referral

Woodley House has been helping men and women with mental illness for over 50 years with our range of therapeutic housing options, as well as targeted clinical support services to ease their transition back into the community. We are a voluntary program, working with, not simply for, our residents to create individualized recovery plans.

If you are a physician, social worker or health professional and wish to refer someone to Woodley House, we welcome the opportunity to work with you.

  • If your patient or client is in crisis:
    Please contact the DBH Access HelpLine at 1-888-793-4357 to receive psychiatric authorization for crisis care, requesting Crossing Place.
  • For transitional or longer-term housing and/or our support service programs:
    Your first step is to call the specific program you wish to enter to find out availability and the specific information and documentation needed. You can set up an initial interview if documents are complete. The  amount of paperwork involved differs for privately-paying applicants vs. those needing public funding assistance.
    1. If your patient or client is ‘private’ (with the ability to pay for Woodley House services privately), they need only a referral from their psychiatrist that recommends Woodley House in their treatment plan, as well as proof of ability to pay.
    2. If your patient or client requires public financial assistance, they need:
      Proof of DC residency
      Enrollment with the DC Dept.of Behavioral Health (with case number)
      Recommendation from your Core Service Agency to Woodley House
      Completion of documents your Core Service Agency requires.

After you gather the required documentation, please call the Woodley House program you wish to enter (Valenti House, Holly House or Supported Independent Living) to set up a personal interview. If distance is a problem, an initial interview via Skype can be arranged. After the documentation is complete, an in-take appointment will be scheduled.

If you have questions about which program might be best for your client, please call Woodley House and we will gladly answer your questions or concerns.

Contact numbers:

Woodley House – 202-830-3508

Crossing Place
 our crisis care home:  202-830-3508(contact Stella Lawrence)
Valenti House 
our flagship group home: 202-830-3508 (contact Betty Johnson)

Holly House
our long-term group home: 202-830-3508 (contact Emmanuel Barnett)

Supported Independent Living Program
our apartment program: 202-830-3508 (contact Neishia Kornegay)

Clinical Support Services
our life coaching program: 202-830-3508 (contact Maria Paipa)

Respite Care Program
202-830-3508 (contact Edward Barnett)

DBH AccessHelpLine: 1-888-793-4357