Crossing Place

Crossing Place is an 8-bed emergency shelter and crisis stabilization for persons experiencing acute phases of severe mental illness. One of only two private crisis homes in the District, its home-like atmosphere is an important therapeutic element in the stabilization process, minimizing the potential for severe acting-out by being small, intimate and rapidly responsive.  Centrally located in Woodley Park, it offers a short-term (2-14 days) intensive support services program at approximately 1/3rd the cost of hospitalization. Crossing Place is staffed 24 hours a day, 7 days a week with professional residential advisors who work with the Department of Behavioral Health, medical and psychiatric physicians and case managers to provide needed support to residents.

Referral Process:

One must contact the DC Department of Behavioral Health Access HelpLine at 1-888-793-4357 for a psychiatric authorization to receive crisis care before calling Crossing Place. With a referral from your psychiatrist or Core Service Agency, please then contact Crossing Place for the next steps to enter Crossing Place.

The cost for Crossing Place is $340 per day for all-inclusive 24-hour care and meals (far less than traditional hospitalization).  Consumers may be privately-paying or may receive public funding assistance. Please contact Stella Lawrence for further information.

Stella Lawrence – Crossing Place Supervisor
Telephone: 202-830-3517 (direct); 202-830-3508 (main office)