Life Skills Training

Our Woodley House┬áLife Skills Training Program (known as Mental Health Rehabilitation Services – MHRS) provides a lifeline for men and women living with mental illness who are working toward greater independence and a return to the community. Residents of Woodley House receive MHRS support to teach critical life skills including: personal hygiene and healthy lifestyles, budgeting and financial management, cooking and nutrition, general housekeeping and apartment maintenance, job search readiness, medication education and symptom management, anger management, self-esteem and being a good roommate/tenant. Residents meet with Skills Training Specialists every week, both individually and in groups.

Although originally created for residents of Woodley House, our Life Skills Training is also available for private members of the community. We create personalized programs with specific goals and our Skills Training Specialists work with clients to master needed skills to reach those goals, meeting them in their homes or any convenient location.

For individuals outside the Woodley House Program, MHRS training costs $50/hour. Medication oversight costs $30/day.

Referral/Application Process:

To receive Woodley House Support Services, please contact your Core Service Agency for a referral or the Woodley House Clinical Director Maria Paipa for a private application.

Woodley House Support Services are part of our Woodley House Program and included as part of the resident’s treatment plan. For people interested in individualized Skills Training Services from outside of Woodley House, our Skills Trainers can make arrangements to meet them in their homes, apartments or a convenient location.

Maria Paipa – Clinical Director
Telephone: 202-830-3508