Letters to Valenti House …

Dear Valenti House,
I’d like to express my heart-felt gratitude to Mr. Barnett, Hawa, Imo, David and all the staff members for the good care they gave to my son while he was a resident at Valenti House.

He has improved so much in this past year and is very hopeful to continue making improvements in the future – with job and skills training leading to a job. All in God’s good timing! The Valenti House has been a friendly and caring place – a real life-saver for many! (From the resident’s mother)

Dear Mr. Frye,
Crossing Place was there for our daughter at a critical time in her life and we will never forget that. She might be alive today if she had those supportive services available when she needed them years later. The need to help others is huge. We hope you can keep up this important work. (From the parents of a former resident)

          veronica          johnny

Woodley House Consumers …

Comments from Friends & Former Residents …

“Woodley House is one of Washington’s life-giving but unsung monuments. It is easy for communities to turn their back on those with mental illness, but Woodley House never does.”  (Kay Redfield Jamison, Ph.D. receiving the Woodley House Rose Award December 2012)

“Woodley House has been the model for recovery for years, emphasizing dignity and function. I commend Woodley House. We all have to support and work to develop more programs like this, more programs that put people on the road to recovery, living fulfilling lives in the community.” (Former First Lady, Rosalyn Carter in her Opening Remarks at the Woodley House 50th Anniversary Conference, November 2008.)

“Before coming to Woodley House I was ashamed to let people know about my mental illness. I thought they would treat me differently and define me by my mental illness. Staff at Woodley House never did this. I was always viewed first and foremost as a person. They listened to me and let me know I did not have a reason to feel ashamed and I appreciate that more than words can express.” (From a former resident of Woodley House)

“I treasure the care I receive through the Woodley House program. You have become like family to me. So many people are helping me get back on track. I need you. The community needs you.” (From a former resident of Woodley House)