Valenti House

Valenti House, our flagship home, is the center of our Woodley House program and has helped thousands of men and women work toward stability and a return to the community and lives they once knew. This well-appointed, three-story townhouse is located in the Woodley Park area of Washington, DC and named in honor of Mary Margaret Valenti, a former Board member and wonderful ambassador for Woodley House. Valenti House offers a warm, caring environment for men and women transitioning toward recovery and greater independence.  It is centrally located near public transportation, stores, restaurants and recreational activities (it is within walking distance of the National Zoo). Residents receive full room & board, individualized assessment, support and skills training as they reintegrate into the community. Valenti House provides housing for up to 20 residents and is professionally staffed 24 hour, 7 days a week.

Valenti House also offers an “Alumni Club” for any alumni of our Woodley House program who has transitioned to fully independent living but wishes to return to share dinner at Valenti House on a regular (or less structured) basis. This is a chance to catch up with staff, former housemates and stay connected to our Woodley House Family.  The cost for our Alumni Club is $15/week.

Referral/Application Process:

Referrals are accepted from the Department of Mental Health, Core Service Agencies, private providers, hospitals and families.

Privately-paying residents need a psychiatrist who can include Woodley House in the resident’s treatment plan, providing a referral for application to Woodley House.  Residents also need to show proof of their ability to pay. Privately-paying residents can come from outside the District of Columbia.

Residents who require financial assistance must show proof of DC residency, be enrolled with the DC Department of Mental Health (with an eCura Number) and have a recommendation from their Core Service Agency to apply to Woodley House and have access to public funding assistance. The Core Service Agency will inform them of any needed documentation that they require.

After documentation is gathered, please contact Program Supervisor Betty Johnson to receive more information about entering Valenti House and to set up an initial interview.

The cost for consumers is $100 per day (double-occupancy) or $110 per day for a single room. This includes housing, meals, residential supervision and comprehensive skills training clinical support services delivered with dignity and respect with the goal of speeding consumers to independence.  Please contact Valenti House Program Supervisor, Betty Johnson for further information.

Betty Johnson, Program Supervisor
Phone: 202-830-3516 (direct line); 202-830-3508 (main office)