Woodley House serves nearly 300 men and women living with behavioral health disorders every year through residential and other critical support services. We partner with all clients to help them define their goals and chart their own unique path toward recovery.  

Dear Friends,

In 2022, Woodley House is poised to grow exponentially, doubling the number of people we serve by 2030. With nearly 1,700 adults with mental health disorders currently unhoused in the District, we can no longer stand on the sidelines and watch our neighbors suffer.

Woodley House has the skills and tools to help address the longstanding structural racism and disparities inherent in both the city’s housing market and the availability of mental health services. Woodley House has helped close to 20,000 men and women over the past 63 years, providing a welcoming home and therapeutic, family-like environment in which people can work toward recovery and greater independence. That core of our mission is what we will never cease doing.

We are so grateful for your support and your participation in this community.

Ann Chauvin

Executive Director