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Woodley House serves nearly 300 men and women living with behavioral health disorders every year through residential and other critical support services. We partner with all clients to help them define their goals and chart their own unique path toward recovery.  

Annual Report for 2019 - Letter from Ann Chauvin

Dear Friends,

I welcome this opportunity to share some of our triumphs and challenges from 2019, because it’s thanks to your support that we have accomplished all that we have. Together we make a real difference – providing comfort & transforming lives. 

Last year we served over 300 men and women through our residential group homes, crisis stabilization program, apartment program and Food Pantry. It is truly gratifying to know that we can help so many to reclaim their lives.

It was a year dedicated to strengthening our foundation to provide the infrastructure to allow us to grow and better serve our community. So many things have changed over the past 62 years since we first opened our doors, but our mission remains constant. We offer people the opportunity to heal within our safe and welcoming residential community as they work toward recovery.  A stable home and people who care:  a simple concept that makes a huge difference in the lives of the people we serve.

I am delighted to share highlights of the past year and invite you to join with us to provide a home, food, support and hope for those who need us. We are forever grateful to you for your friendship and support. 

Ann Chauvin

Executive Director

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