Our Impact

Woodley House serves nearly 300 men and women living with behavioral health disorders every year through residential and other critical support services. We partner with all clients to help them define their goals and chart their own unique path toward recovery.  

Please watch this video that shows the impact of Woodley House through the eyes of those we help.    

Our residents share their experiences:

“I think Woodley House has saved my life. It was like I was wandering around in the dark until I came here. Now I have dignity and goals which I believe – no, I know- can reach with their help because they always encourage me, even when I am down.” — Sharon *

“Woodley House is a safe and loving place and I am not afraid here. Everyone has treated me with dignity and has been very caring. I now feel I can go out into the world. I now love to read and have been encouraged to read more books, some really long and complicated. Now I am never alone because I have my books.” — Sharon *

 “Woodley House has helped me feel stronger and more independent. Woodley House has made me feel good about myself. Woodley House is a loving place but has its rules and that is good. Woodley house counts on me and I hope I never let them down!  It is good to be trusted.” — David*

*Names have been changed to protect privacy.