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Woodley House serves nearly 300 men and women living with behavioral health disorders every year through residential and other critical support services. We partner with all clients to help them define their goals and chart their own unique path toward recovery.  

Annual Report for 2020 - Letter from Ann Chauvin

Dear Friends,

As it was for so many, 2020 was challenging for Woodley House, but it was not without its triumphs. And it is thanks to your support that we have accomplished all that we have. Together we make a real difference – providing comfort & transforming lives. 

In the 62+ years since Woodley House’s founding, we have quietly and humbly served those in the District with mental health disorders, facilitating their recovery and helping them lead lives with dignity. The year 2020 changed so much for everyone, but one thing is clear: Mental health is no longer an issue at the sidelines. With anxiety disorders, depression and rates of suicide at an all-time high, mental health services have never been in greater demand.

Woodley House has helped close to 20,000 men and women since its founding. The scope of our programs has expanded, but our essence remains the same: providing a welcoming home and therapeutic, family-like environment in which people can work toward recovery and greater independence, which we will never cease doing.

We are so grateful for your support and your participation in this community.  

Ann Chauvin

Executive Director

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