Supported Independent Living

Woodley House owns and leases apartments and condominiums throughout Washington, DC for our residents who can thrive without 24-hour care as they continue their recovery. The Supported Independent Living Program is the last step before total independence. Residents live on their own or with roommates in a shared apartment environment with continuing monitoring and support from Woodley House Recovery Support Specialists. Staff provide weekly coaching, counseling support and skills training, focusing on mastering basic skills that will ease their transition toward self-sufficiency and successful independent living.

Supported Independent Living (SIL) Referral/Application Process

Referrals are accepted from the Department of Behavioral Health, Core Service Agencies, private providers, hospitals and families.

Privately-paying residents need a psychiatrist who can include Woodley House in the resident’s treatment plan and thereby provide a referral to Woodley House. Privately paying residents can come from outside Washington, DC and must demonstrate proof of their ability to pay.

Residents who require financial assistance must show proof of Washington, DC residency, be enrolled with the DC Department of Behavioral Health and have a recommendation from their Core Service Agency to apply to Woodley House. The Core Service Agency will provide the resident all necessary documentation.

The cost, including fees, skills training and clinical support services, for residents is dependent on the property. For more information about how to enter our Supported Independent Living Apartment Program, please contact:

Nieshia Kornegay, SIL Residential Lead

Direct line: 202-830-3578; Main Office: 202-830-3508