Mental Health Housing in Washington D.C.    For nearly 60 years, Woodley House has provided a range of mental health housing and support services in Washington, DC for men and women with chronic and persistent mental illness. With a well-earned reputation for excellence, Woodley House treats each resident with the dignity and respect that we all deserve, as they reintegrate into the community.  We are there for each step of their journey toward mental health recovery, from crisis care to transitional housing to supported independent apartment living – all under the Woodley House umbrella of care. (United Way CFC # 8216).  Join us on a virtual tour of Woodley House,  A Tour of Woodley House




We hope you will join us for the 20th Anniversary of our Movie Benefit on December 14th.  To commemorate this milestone event, we are honoring Mary Margaret Valenti (who created this signature event) and the Valenti Family for their ongoing support and devotion to Woodley House and the men and women we serve. Tipper Gore, who hosted the VIP Reception at the Vice President’s Residence for the very first Movie Benefit, will deliver a special tribute to Mary Margaret and her family at the Uptown Theater.

To mark this milestone anniversary, we have created a 20th Anniversary Commemorative Fund as a tribute to the Valenti Family and to the legacy of Woodley House. This is an opportunity to make a transformational difference for men and women working to reclaim their lives. For information about this special fund, please (click here).

We are delighted to present a special, pre-national release screening of Warner Bros.’ COLLATERAL BEAUTY,  starring Will Smith, Helen Mirren, Keira Knightley, Edward Norton and Kate Winslet. It tells the story of a successful advertising executive (Will Smith) who experiences a deep personal tragedy that causes his to retreat from life. His friends join to spur him out of his profound depression in a very surprising, but human way.

A VIP Reception will be held at The British Embassy hosted by His Excellency Ambassador Darroch and Lady Darroch.  This reception precedes the screening and is limited to ‘Friend’ levels and above. From the Embassy, we move to the Uptown Theater for the film presentation where acclaimed CBS Bob Schieffer will serve as Master of Ceremonies.

We are greatly appreciative to Warner Bros. for providing this fabulous film for our event — their support means so much to our organization and the people we serve.   All funds raised go to our programs to provide a safe, comforting residential community in which people struggling with mental illness can heal, along with the support services needed for a lasting recovery.

To learn more about this event and to purchase tickets or make a donation, please click here.

Woodley House Fall Newsletter

We just published our 2016 Fall Newsletter (newsletter) and do hope that you take a look. It has information about our upcoming Movie Benefit and a special tribute to long-time supporter and ambassador extraordinaire, Ann Pincus.  But an apology is in order … a photo of Ann with her great friend Al Hunt was unfortunately mislabeled, identifying Al Hunt as Bill Press!  We are so very sorry. The editor can only say that she had been obviously watching and listening to too many political talk shows during this election season, so her mind was swimming with pundits! So please forgive us, Mr. Hunt … and we hope that everyone has a chance to read our newsletter.

WITNESSES — a short film about Woodley House by Charles Guggenheim

In 1999, Academy Award-winning director, Charles Guggenheim produced and directed a short film Witnesses that told the story of six individuals whose lives were touched by their Woodley House experience. Please take a moment to watch the film below. It is truly … treatment that works.



Woodley House is proud to be a Founding Partner of CHANGE DIRECTION … dedicated to changing the story about how we talk about mental health in America.

One in five Americans has a diagnosable mental illness, but too many don’t understand the warning signs or are reluctant to seek help because of the stigma involved.  It’s time to come together to open the conversation … or ‘flip the script’ as First Lady Michelle Obama said in her stirring keynote speech. “Our mental health is just as vital as our physical health, it’s time we start treating it that way”. 

Know the 5 SIGNS OF SUFFERING Personality change; Agitation; Isolation; Poor self care (risky behavior); Hopelessness.  If you recognize these signs in yourself or in family member or friend, you might want to reach out for help. Please see for more information about this very important campaign and take the pledge yourself to join with us to start the conversation.  Only by breaking the barriers of silence can we really make change happen.

5 signs Ashley