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Residential Care

Crossing Place

Crossing Place provides a therapeutic, homelike environment for adults experiencing psychiatric crises. Started in 1977 as the original model for a community-based alternative to hospitalization, it is one of only two private crisis homes in the District. Contact Crossing Place staff for a telephone screening at (202) 830-3517.

Referral Process:

Contact Crossing Place staff for a telephone screening: (202) 830-3517


Crossing Place is an eight-bed stabilization program for people experiencing mental health distress. One of only two private stabilization homes in Washington, DC, its therapeutic environment supports DC residents’ stabilization and recovery. Crossing Place offers short-term, intensive support services at approximately one-third the cost of hospitalization. Crossing Place is staffed 24 hours a day, seven days a week with professional residential crisis specialists, nurses, and psychiatrists who collaborate with families and other community supports to help residents stablize. Crossing Place is funded and governed by the DC Department of Behavioral Health and Medicaid.


Eligibility for Crossing Place:
      • Age 18 or older
      • Experiencing psychiatric distress
      • Must be able to maintain safety of self or others
      • Must not be in need of medical detoxification or other inpatient care


Crossing Place Values

  • Low barrier for immediate access to care
  • Therapeutic environment
  • Coordination with family, care providers and community supports
  • Integration in the community
  • Planning for post-discharge stability
  • Holistic care with a person-centered approach based on individual needs
  • Nurturing, homelike environment
  • Focus on individual dignity and respect

residents served


are or have been homeless


have a substance use disorder

median age of Crossing Place residents